how to rebuild arches in flat feet

The most common ankle injuries are sprains and fractures, which involve the ligaments and bones in the ankle. These injuries are frequently reported and occur typically during sports (i.e., highly dynamic activities). Ankle injuries are also more likely to re-occur after you have already had one.

This type of injury is influenced by the way your foot moves (pronation, supination) and the arches of your feet, which also affect the entirety of your legs thanks to shared neuromuscular connections.

How is the arch of your foot formed?

The arch of the foot is formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones, allowing you to support the weight of your body in the erect posture. It develops through movement during the first years of your life, and this development can be affected by the type of shoes that you wear. It has been studied that even a mere 1 mm height at the big toe can affect your foot stance and gait.

What causes a flat foot?

Flat feet occur when the arches on the inside of your feet are collapsed, or flattened, allowing the entire soles of your feet to touch the floor. This can affect the tibia by causing it to rotate inward. This rotation then affects the patella of the knee which also rotates inwards, causing compression at the knees. Next is the femur, which will go through a similar rotation, moving your hips and impacting your spine’s curvature.


  • Biomechanical – a domino effect of internal rotations as described above
  • Poor Sensory Information – A collapsed midfoot creates poor quality information for the sensory receptors in the skin of the foot.
  • Cerebellum – A brain region that regulates posture and intrinsic muscles of the spine; when it receives poor information, it will command the body to produce muscular compensations that are suboptimal.

Solution for Poor Foot Posture: The best way to fix flat feet is by providing your feet with proper stimulation.

The Foot Mechanics & Gait Cycle course covers techniques and intervention methods used to target poor foot posture and correct flat feet. Register here to begin a pain-free and healthy life!

How To Fix Flat Feet

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