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The Brain Coach Performance Certification (BCPC) was born out of the necessity to bring a simple and practical understanding of neurology to fitness providers of all levels. This online certification will equip you with the tools to immediately improve your practice and change the way you work with clients by working with a brain-based approach.  

In This Certification:

  • Discover how looking at the brain and understanding how it affects movement can decrease pain and build a stronger stress free body.
  • Learn how to assess and train the sensory systems including proprioceptive, vestibular and visual to improve efficiency of movement.
  • Improve sensory input to solve pain and other posture-related issues that are contributing to the problem.
  • Brain imbalances and how they can create postural problems as well as autonomic dysregulation.
  • Learn how to combine this approach to your current practice!

 Included in the price is a downloadable MP3 file as well as PDF.