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Posturepro began when the founder, Annette Verpillot, realized that most conventional rehab programs only manage symptoms and required many visits to provide temporary relief. 

With that in mind, in 2006, she began her research to help her clients reach a pain-free life with as few sessions as possible by working on the whole body instead of parts of it. 

This is how The Posturepro Method was born, a unique postural evaluation system today recognized throughout the world for eliminating chronic pain, increasing strength, and improving sports proficiency and longevity.

Annette has taught her methods to state police, strength specialists, elite athletes and successful coaches from professional leagues and NCAA Division in sports, and has presented to teams such as New Jersey Devils, San Francisco 49ers, to name a few.

Our Technology

Proudly designed in Canada, our Postural Insoles are masterminded by scientists and technicians with decades of experience in science and neuroscience.

Our products use our patented technology developed through years of research. Contrary to classic orthotics, they work on the premise of acupressure and reflexology by targeting sensory receptors of the feet.

This allows for better communication between the feet and the brain, leading to the desired results through the brain’s neuroplasticity, stimulating and signaling directly to the motor input of your brain.

Letter from the Founder

I know how frustrating it can be when your body is not the same or does not perform as you want. It can get very time-consuming to manage symptoms with traditional treatments.

After years, I was tired of getting only short-term and incomplete results with my clients. This was when I found the solution in neuroscience.

Now, I aim to help everyone lead their best lives – stronger and more pain-free than they may have imagined- with a definitive way to better health.

One of the main reasons I feel it is vital to include our approach is because the brain controls our posture and our muscular system. 

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