The Posturepro Method

The Posturepro Method (ONLINE)

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What you will learn:

  • Take Part 1 on ZOOM and get FREE-access to Part 1 of The Posturepro Method in-person at any location!
  • How imbalances in body alignment promote dysfunction in the nervous system and how that dysfunction further promotes imbalances in body alignment
  • Learn how posture correction affects performance enhancement and how optimizing posture can take your clients and athletes to the next level
  • How to correctly assess clients for postural distortion patterns and imbalances
  • Fix postural imbalances, like rounded shoulder and anterior pelvic tilt 
  • How to identify & correct a structural short leg
  • The link between the jaw and your posture and vice versa
  • How correcting posture can dramatically decrease potential injury
  • Get listed on our site (our website generates over 6000 views per month)
  • Access to the latest peer-reviewed studies
  • And more!

A life-changing seminar!!

I really am any say enough good things about this amazing seminar!! Annette and her staff ran a seamless zoom presentation and empowered myself and other to effect positive

Anthony C

Mind blowing on so many levels

My overall experience of the course in London I just the whole fitness industry is been cheated out by not knowing this and that there definitely should have it part of every Pt or fitness professionals learning , Annette says it’s like a chapter was skipped, I would highly recommend this course

Lar B.

1st PPM Zoom Course Level 1&2

Had the pleasure of taking the PPM course via zoom on 18-19th February 2021. Fantastic Course, Perfectly taught & Explained. Very effective techniques that you can use...


New sight on solving fundamental problems

Very useful, simple to implement and easy to understand all the details even for non-English speaking people. 

Vladimir O

10 out of 5 Stars!

As a performance coach and soft tissue practitioner, this program has undoubtedly given me the ability to provide my athletes and pain clients the quickest results possible. more

Eric M

Critical information

Amazing information bringing to the table tools every coach needs in order to full understand what is going on with the bodies they train. No other place is weaving together.

Nick K.