Officer Stress Resilience & Health

Officer Stress Resilience & Health

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🚀Program Launch November 1st 2022 🚀

What you'll get:

    • Improve reaction time and shooting accuracy
    • Support the nervous system and increase longevity
    • Understand the neurological role in physical performance
    • In-depth graphically annotated infographic and tutorials 
    • Access to our private member's forum
    • A listing on our find a trainer page (upon certification) 
    • All future modules and content updates, at no extra cost
    • PDFs (worksheets, templates, case studies, and more)

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    The impact of body misalignment on blood pressure & shooting accuracy

    The physical and biomechanical effects of poor posture:

    •Chronic neck and back pain (Pepper et al., 2018)

    •Postural instability often leads to prolonged periods of fatigue and an increase risk of falls in young and old individuals alike (Moon et al., 1951)

    •Displacement of the center of pressure leading to low back pain when maintained (Braga et al., 2012)

    •Impaired cervicothoracic mobility (Zafar et al., 2018)

    Stress and Law Enforcement

    In 2018, a study by Pepper and colleagues found that slouched postures associated with negative
    emotional biases
    and an increased perception of threats.

    In an experimental study, participants were asked to make decisions once in an upright posture, and then in a slouched posture (Wilson et al., 2004). The findings showed that participants made better and more positive decisions when standing upright.

    Posture and Health

    Research shows that different postures lead to different energy expenditures and that dopting a better posture can attenuate signs of diabetes and reduce its complications (Innes et al., 2007).

    Better postures not only improve bodily movements, but they also improve parasympathetic tone through the cardiac-vagal connection.

    Stress & Resilience

    Designed to help officer to get a clear picture on how their posture affects their wellness in key areas of mental, physical, social, tactical, and spiritual wellness, the Officer Stress, Resilience & Health program provides tool and a foundation to help optimize officer health, wellness, and performance.

    Good Posture FIXES These 3 Things