Foot Mechanics and  Gait Cycle

Foot Mechanics and Gait Cycle

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How can you, as a health or fitness professional bridge the gap between posture, ankle, knee, and hip mechanics?

How can you build strength when muscles don’t fire symmetrically, and breathing mechanics are not at their best? This is a critical aspect of strength and performance, yet very few practitioners are making these links. 

The Foot Mechanics and Gait online course address the importance of how your feet affect your posture in the gait continuum.

It focuses on identifying foot imbalances first to avoid injury, and second to improve the movement of the ankle, knee, hip, and spine.

This online course will provide you with a captivating and complete learning experience in the comfort of your home without the hassle and expense of travel.

It allows you to learn at your own pace and refer back to the content as needed. Included is a course PDF as well as peer-reviewed studies.

Upon completion, you will receive an ankle mechanics and gait cycle certificate and get listed on our website.