Foot Mechanics and  Gait Cycle

Foot Mechanics and Gait Cycle

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  • Address feet, ankle, and knee muscle imbalances
  • Develop strength & stability in the foot, ankle, and lower body
  • Identify muscle imbalances and strengthen your arches

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 In order to treat or prevent musculoskeletal pain, you need to address the root cause. In order to optimize sports performance, you need a solid foundation. It all starts with your feet!

Foot and Posture Analysis 

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Your Feet Afffect Your Posture

The normal foot. Provides shock absorption, stability, and optimal propulsion during gait.

The supinated foot. The foot does not pronate enough at the toe-off stage.

The pronated foot. the ankle rolls too far downward and inward with each step.

plantar fascitis



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "MIND BLOWING. This should be required learning for anyone with feet. 

The scope of application runs from newborns to pro athletes to grandma sue. Thank you for this Annette. I watched it all twice the first day I got it, and two more times since so it all sinks in. Please make more courses like this."

Ben P

Ben P

This was the best online experience I have had in a very long time. It was super easy and clear. I wou definitely recommend this to anyone.

Los Angeles, CA

Annette makes it easily digestible. Summarised notes are also very helpful and very well explained. ++



Your foot posture develops with the habits that you have acquired in the early stages of life. And habits influence your level of mobility.

Inward foot roll causes:
•Inward rotation of the tibia
•Inward rotation of the femur
•Lower pelvis on this side.

Outward foot roll causes:
•Outward rotation of the tibia
•Outward rotation of the femur
•Higher pelvis on that side.

Excessive pronation or supination disrupt the bodys natural alignment and cause excessive impact when the foot strikes the floor....leading to poor joint health.

A breakdown of how your feet affect your balance.

The skin of your feet sends information to the brain via the skin’s mechanoreceptors.

This information is then transmitted to the brainstem and thalamus, and then to the somatosensory cortex to shape motor development and coordination.

Unevenfoot postuPostureprore disupts this process causing you ot over compensate.

Yes! Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a health professional -it’s vital that you understand the role your feet play in posture.

The Foot Mechanics and Gait online course address the importance of how your feet affect your posture in the gait continuum.

It focuses on identifying foot imbalances first to avoid injury, and second to improve the movement of the ankle, knee, hip, and spine.